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Develop Greater Confidence With These Easy, Everyday Habits

Confidence affects every part of your life. Your boss and coworkers feel more admiration, trust, and respect for you when your confidence is high. You’re also more attractive to others. Even though you may not feel confident, there are steps you can take each day to grow your confidence. In

6 Self-Destructive Beliefs to Banish From Your Life for Good

What you think and believe about yourself, the world, and your life has a powerful impact on your everyday existence. Unfortunately, some beliefs are downright destructive to the process of living a successful, fulfilling life. However, if you can identify those self-sabotaging thoughts, you can then work to banish them

Tips for De-Stressing During Life’s Most Trying Situations

Difficult situations can leave you feeling worked up and hopeless all at the same time. Sometimes, staying positive and calm may seem tough. But in reality, it’s possible. You can confront your challenges head-on, without breaking under pressure! Developing such inner strength takes practice. However, if you focus on these

8 Steps to Greater Self-Awareness

You spend all day and night with yourself, but how well do you know yourself? If you’ve never taken the time to get to know yourself, you probably have a lot to learn. Self-awareness is important because you can use the information to better your life and minimize the agony

How Introverts Can Thrive in a World Built for Extroverts

Extroverts might seem to rule the world, but there are plenty of introverts behind the scenes with a lot of power and influence. Some of the most powerful companies in the world were founded and are run by introverts. But more importantly, how can you navigate the world and still

10 Ways a Happy State of Mind Affects Your Immune System

Scientists once believed the mind and the body were separate, that one didn’t influence the other. Today we know that isn’t the case. Your perception of your stress levels and general mental state can have profound effects on the efficacy of your immune system. Your immune system doesn’t just deal

7 Ways to Keep Your Mind in Shape

For many of us, keeping our body fit is an easier task than our mind. What does it mean to condition our mind? A fit mind to me says I can recall names easily without reaching for the “smartphone.”  What literally occurs to our brains when using a smart devices

Second-hand thoughts just as dangerous as second-hand smoke

We’ve proven second-hand smoke is dangerous to our health. Have you considered second-hand thoughts? Society, i.e., the modern media, T.V., movies, commercials on all of these, radio, our streaming apps that keep drumming second-hand beliefs into us, such as the belief that life is hard and it is not fair.General