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When is the last time you updated the software to your soul?

In Business Coaching Articles, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction Articles by MaryAnn

We all update our smartphones, tablets, and laptops frequently or else pay the price of a poor performing device. Keeping these devices in peak performance includes updates and constant cleaning of the cache as well as other unnecessary files. I like to think of the human experience as a good metaphor for our smart devices. And before you claim, “Yes, …

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Our Thoughts as a Cosmic Soup

In Business Coaching Articles, Life Coach, Mindfulness by MaryAnn

Are you a Teflon or a Velcro person? Do you let random thoughts roll in one ear and out the other, like your head’s filled with Teflon, or do these thoughts seem just to stick there, like there’s a lot of Velcro filling that space between your ears instead? I learned these analogies from a yoga instructor, Tias Little in …