Getting to Know Me as Your Coach

Clarity is essential as a coach and feel this is one of my greatest assets for you.

How do I describe what I do?

Life Coach is the practice to help others create a more fulfilling life for themselves.

Why do I want to coach clients?

As a seeker, I love learning, and this is a natural way to share the knowledge to help you write the next chapter of your life.

How can I make you feel comfortable and safe?

All personality profiles describe me in this manner.

“I am keenly analytical, logical, dispassionate and objective so naturally it’s like breathing. Give me a good problem and using logic and objective thinking, I’ll help you clear the mental clutter and help you make new decisions to move you in the direction you desire. In a manner that is comfortable to your pace.”

What makes coaching unique?

Coaching is unique in that the agenda is personalized, what is meaningful to the coaching client and their spheres of influence. Here to help you define what success for you is; it is a practice delivered individually to you.

A well-known coaching expert believed in helping individuals make lasting changes; by helping them find their authentic and personal truth. By tapping into your unconscious self, uncovering your hidden abilities and strengths, you will finally be able to make lasting changes. Contact me to explore this further.

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