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AboutMary Ann Markowitz

As a recruiter since 1990, my days are filled with helping people with crucial life decisions related to their careers.

My many years of recruiting experiences have given me the opportunity to hone my skills to help you gain the clarity essential to make life-changing decisions.

Why Coaching?

Almost everyone is very familiar with SmartPhones these days. Even though we may have the same make and model as our spouse or friend, if you look at theirs, it may seem very un-familiar.

Life can be this way too. We all come with the same software, but we program and write the code for our own lives. We get to be the author of, the protagonist, and sometimes, even the enemy in our own story.

Coaching is a highly effective way to get an unbiased and candid third party to help you re-write your code. To discover your own answers, gain clarity, and achieve your fullest potential.

Thinking along these lines, we can incorporate the teachings of Tony Robbins' Six Human Needs; these are the "apps" that are driving our decisions which are the software/story of your life.

  • Certainty

    The need for stability, safety, and comfort

  • Variety

    The need for stimulus and change

  • Significance

    The need to be special and worthy of attention

  • Connection and Love

    The need to feel connected and that you belong

  • Growth

    The need to learn and expand your abilities

  • Contribution

    The need to give to others without expecting anything back

Most people have three major spheres of life: yourself, your work, and your relationships. Many people focus mainly on one of these spheres, a little bit on the second sphere, and only a minimal amount on the third sphere of your life and activity. Coaching is a relationship between you and your coach; everything is 100% confidential for both parties.
You are the expert in your life, and our coaching helps you connect to you, your wisdom and take action to create the life you want.
Coaching is NOT advice/counseling or therapy.

Find out which human needs is driving all of your behaviors.

What Clients Are Saying

I was struggling with future career plans and identifying exactly what I'd like my responsibilities to be in my next position. After coaching with Mary Ann, I realized I wasn't giving myself permission to redirect what I was doing to what I really wanted to do in Accounting. I am now actively pursuing a new position. I feel like a fog has lifted. Mary Ann is very good at helping to look at things in a positive light and helped me do the same. She gave me some exercises to practice seeing things in a positive light, and it's working. I am now counting my "wins" no matter how small instead of looking at my losses. This cut down my stress level and has made a positive impact in my life in general! Mary Ann also has recruiting/great networking experience and gave me pointers on improving my networking (especially on LinkedIn). She is always available to talk things through. She is my "go to" person!Shari H.
We used my own answers to interview questions, but worded them in a way that sounded more professional. Also liked that I was able to get advice when unique situations arose.

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