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As your Brain Balance/Creativity Meditation Coach, you will be empowered to access the right side of your subjective mind.

This is what a few clients say about working together:

  • The value of regular guided meditation calming my brain and focusing on intention instead of the chatter that is all around us.
  • I welcome the visual of the mental tv screen and how, during the meditation, we are queued. The focus on nature has me very quickly relax and expanded my thinking which has helped me in my creativity and given me clarity of my life’s purpose.
  • I feel better due to meditation, being part of a community of women, learning new mind-expanding topics.
  • Mary Ann helped me to permit myself to take care of myself. And, I am much less reactionary.
  • I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate connecting with everyone. It has made a huge difference with my emotions during social distancing. The other added benefit has been your coaching and bringing awareness to me in the ongoing commitment to living my best life. I am enjoying the creative process.

By learning these mindfulness techniques and applying them to yourself, you’ll have the ability to reduce the effects of stress. Experience increased health, energy, and vitality. Plus, experience improved concentration and mental alertness.

Presently  Group Coaching is for women who miss a sense of community. The majority of my clients are professionals across many industries. From Executive Recruiters with a large staff to manage, Accounting executives with tight deadlines, high-level managers in very high-stress fields (our military), and small business owners. The strategies work for anyone who wants to take charge of your emotions instead of the outside world. You’ll be able to attain goals you accepted as never attainable.

Please connect if you are curious about transforming your life.  Maybe you want to try something new, simplify your life, go on a new adventure, change your career. These are very attainable for all of us.

Now, what about you? Not sure where to start? Do you have a specific question about your place in life, your purpose, vision, and mission in life? Mary Ann Markowitz Coach Are you looking for a safe access point to help you transform and become a better you? You just want to connect with someone who understands where you are at and has answers, right?

If you are serious about making a change in your life, I can help you. The next step is to schedule a personal call with me.

dynamic meditation
dynamic meditation

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