Brain Balance
"Group Coaching
and Dynamic Meditation"

Dynamic Meditation, accessing the right side
of your brain, opens you up to new ideas.

Creating a nurturing community of women who are committed to transformation in their lives. We’ll have a level of accountability and learn from each other as we share experiences, success and areas we want to improve. I’ll lead you through dynamic meditations designed to compliment the days session. Each session is created to teach you a new strategy that will help you grow. My clients say they are learning to set new healthy boundaries for themselves and some are achieving goals they have only talked about for the last several years. Now they are doing it.


Hi, I’m Mary Ann Markowitz and I'm happy you are here.

Who am I? I came out as an old soul; as a kid in school, I’m the one people came to because they needed to talk. My yearbooks say it all. I fell into Executive Recruiting, which has been a natural fit for my inquiring mind. As an executive recruiter, I have been coaching job applicants for the last 20+ years. Many times I’m the one they call because they need clarity. I love one one one coaching and have been doing it for the last several years. And now my practice has evolved to include group coaching, which is where I’ve experienced the most transformative growth, personally.

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A Testimonial

"Brain Balance Group Coaching during COVID19"

“What could have been 2 months of gloom, despair, and agony has been a time of tremendous growth. I am truly enjoying solitude but also understand that it is necessary to reenter society at some point. But, will seek out and cherish solitude in way that might not have been possible without this experience. I think I will be able to attain a good balance when the time is right. Now the right balance is mostly solitude. Self-care is not just about getting your nails done.”

Holly L. Arizona

Another Testimonial

“Mary Ann Markowitz is successful at whatever she takes on. I have had the pleasure of working with her since 1990 and as with most people she meets in business, a professional friendship quickly developed. Integrity, a good listener and a commitment to others living their best lives are the top three characteristics of Mary Ann that I respect. Her success throughout her recruiting career has naturally moved her to life coaching and I have been the recipient of her latest success in Brain Balance.

My success with her coaching and guided meditations was the catalyst in creating a 2-month trip of a life time that I would not have considered previously. I was able to open up the right side of my brain, often a challenge for someone who is a task master and am grateful beyond words for her guidance.

Loanne K. California

Are you left or right brained or is neither side dominant?  The answer is illustrated by this venn diagram with arrow pointing to the intersection with the words Whole Brained above it
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And One More Testimonial

“I learned many things… how to be open to new ideas. How to realize when being overwhelmed has other connotations to my life. How to think about creating routines that change my mindset from “work” to “relax/home” which I had NOT thought about until today but is Vitally important. Today I took a two mile walk and listened to a “for fun” book instead of the “learning” books I had been listening to. I would Not have come to that on my own.

 The coaching session you and I had during the considering a new job offer/fiasco = really helped me decide and move forward and Not feel bad about my decision. It also has me thinking about the future in smaller bits.

The group setting and shares helped me decide what was right for Me… and not react to situations that were not of my making… trying to hold on to that still in the current fiasco.

 I still don’t know a lot but I enjoy the process of learning and listening and gathering. Life is a journey, and what you and the group has taught me is part of my being now. 

 Forever grateful.”

Gina Colorado


Group Coaching Benefits: Is there something you want more of? Better relationship with yourself? Missing the experience of a nurturing community that offers personal growth?

As a Group Coaching Participant you will join us on a weekly basis and we’ll practice meditation together followed by learning a technique to develop your emotional resilience. Additionally, every Friday we have a short group meditation to set the weekend and celebrate our weeks wins.

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