Second-hand thoughts just as dangerous as second-hand smoke

We’ve proven second-hand smoke is dangerous to our health. Have you considered second-hand thoughts? Society, i.e., the modern media, T.V., movies, commercials on all of these, radio, our streaming apps that keep drumming second-hand beliefs into us, such as the belief that life is hard and it is not fair.
General thoughts, that are thrown around us daily then repeated by our family and friends media and the general public. “Life is unfair, Why me? It’s normal to feel tired and lose your mojo after; you pick the age, I’ve heard someone as young as 30 say it doesn’t get any better after 30. Or how about commercial drug ads? Think of these as second-hand thoughts before you decide to ingest them, just like second-hand smoke. You have a choice to turn off the TV, radio, or skip the next negative post in your news feed. Try to recognize if you have bought into these ideas and made them part of your core beliefs. One way to test this? Is it undermining my well being does it nurture your soul or make you feel weak? If either, they must be changed.

Recognizing your belief in any of these is the first step. Once you say, “well isn’t it normal to think life is not fair? Or “ it’s ok to feel sick and tired. Everyone else does. That’s what the commercial says” Now examine these thoughts. Do they give you any sense of inspiration? Maybe only to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over your head, but not to have an enjoyable day interacting with your friends, coworkers, and family.

Core Beliefs make us who we are. Therefore we are what we think.
Unconsciously we all project every quality of our inner life and history. You can easily take an inventory of your core beliefs.
Start with your health. how do you think about it? Do you say, “it’s difficult to feel healthy and young? Or, Wow I love how my body responds to new yoga classes.

Money. Get yours, or someone else will get it first, or there is plenty for everyone?
Family-I love my family Or “ friends are God’s apology for your family?”
Do you see the pattern?


Some people are so attached and feel these are their unshakeable truths they must live by, cling onto, because who would they be if they could not talk about what they dislike and fit in with society’s drumbeat of second-hand thinking.

As I said, today’s media/ society keeps drumming second-hand beliefs into us, such as the belief that life is hard and it is not fair. That we must be vigilant and prepare for the worst case scenario. If you absorb these beliefs without testing them, your core beliefs are keeping you stuck. Usually in self-destructive, energy depleting ways. In other words, every belief is a mental creation that artificially simplifies life and fixes it into place.

Yes, your core belief is what is driving your day to day activities. If what you think about every day is not new and vibrant and makes you excited about your day, you might very well be suffering from “rut syndrome.”
A really good rut feels like, “I hate this but at least I know what it is and someday…..I’ll be doing something different”, “I’ll be retired, or I’ll get a new job, new husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or kick them all out and live alone. But you never do it because one or more of your core beliefs hold you back.

If your core beliefs undermine your well being, they must be changed. This realignment of beliefs and self-awareness can happen spontaneously through our adulthood. Have you ever experienced a time when you suddenly changed your mind on a position you previously held to be true? Perhaps something you passively accepted or learned growing up. It could be as simple as whether you like a particular food or as complex as your political opinion on a topic.
You might have felt a physical or spiritual shift at that moment. Some people call it an “aha moment,” and it has an energetic effect that is liberating and exhilarating.

First become aware of your core beliefs, the words you use daily, I hate something, or I love this.
If it’s in the “hate or dread category” turn it around. I hate going to work, to I’m grateful for this job. Not
everyone is employed, and I’ll start updating my resume and find a company who better appreciates my unique talents. Or, if unhappy with your weight, focus on the little things you can do today. I love eating a few healthy fresh carrots with each meal. Start with baby steps to rewire your brain, and this is changing a core belief.

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