Difficult situations can leave you feeling worked up and hopeless all at the same time. Sometimes, staying positive and calm may seem tough. But in reality, it’s possible.

You can confront your challenges head-on, without breaking under pressure!

Developing such inner strength takes practice. However, if you focus on these factors listed below, you’ll have a head start on your journey toward becoming strong enough to deal with anything.

  1. Embrace your worth. Perhaps you tend to come down hard on yourself as the reason for your challenging experiences. Yet truthfully, they might not be your fault at all, as others may be in control of the situation that causes the difficulty!
    • Embracing your worth is extremely important, so you don’t wrongly persecute yourself and cause even more stress. Yes, we do often play a role in our trying situations. However, letting yourself off the hook for the parts that aren’t yours is important, too!
    • Face the situation for what it truly is and have the courage to believe, “It’s not my fault.”
    • Focus on the positive impact you’ve made in your own life and the lives of others.
    • Believe in your ability to overcome the circumstances.
  1. Be optimistic. This, too, shall pass. Regardless of the seriousness of the situation, you’re confronted with; it will not last forever! It might be rough now. It might even be extreme. But focus on the end of the tunnel – where there is always light.
    • When dealing with the issue at hand, start putting plans in place for when it finally passes.
  1. Lean on support from your loved ones. Family and friends can help keep you afloat during crises. Passing through life’s trying situations, calmly and optimistically can seem doubly tough if you’re going it alone. But you won’t have to if you keep your loved ones close.
    • Give them all the details of the situation, both good and bad.
    • Trust that you’ll get an unbiased perspective from your support group about the issue, even if you don’t like everything they say.
    • Acknowledging various strengths displayed by your support group in the past will help build your strength to deal with the situation calmly.
  1. Breathe deeply. Deep breathing on a regular basis can help to relax you! Staying calm and positive is as much about mental toughness as it is about being physically at ease. Give it a try and feel the difference in both your mental and physical states!

Strength lies within you. Through practicing these tips, you’ll come to trust that you can overcome whatever you face. Day by day, you’ll start to develop the resolve to face your challenges head-on with confidence, regardless of how bad things may seem.

You’ll start to feel stronger, be better emotionally prepared for life, and able to manifest calmness on a daily basis. De-stressing isn’t as hard when you know how to prevent stress in the first place and the skills to dissolve it as it occurs.

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