When is the last time you updated the software to your soul?

We all update our smartphones, tablets, and laptops frequently or else pay the price of a poor performing device. Keeping these devices in peak performance includes updates and constant cleaning of the cache as well as other unnecessary files. I like to think of the human experience as a good metaphor for our smart devices.
And before you claim, “Yes, but as humans, we are not changing, and technology is changing.” On the surface, at least this may be correct, except now we know better. A quick Google search for the scientific benefits of mindfulness will give you 38 million+ hits for your search results, and the studies come from credible sources, like Harvard.
If you want to say, “I suffer from something that is I get bored quickly!” For the better part of my life, this has been framed as, “I never finish anything, just like my father.” But, with the proper training, I now see this as a strength as well as a weakness, something to be aware of, so I can make adjustments.
The adjustments can be small and yet give me a high return.
This all ties into how taking the initiative to update your software will bring you closer to a soulful experience, and this equals fulfillment.

It’s up to you to recharge your batteries metaphorically speaking.

How does all this relate to you? Have you charged your battery or updated the software of your soul, mind, or body? Do you find yourself using the phrases, “I don’t have enough time, I’m stressed out, I can’t sleep, I’m bored with my job”? Many of these phrases are in our social vernacular and therefore are considered normal. This acts as permission to become easily distracted and stressed out.
All of these are energy drainers and diminish your chances for well-being and feeling grounded.
Getting back to the favorite phases,” I’m stressed, I don’t have enough time, I can’t live up to my families expectations, or my boss is a jerk.” Yes, even something so personal as you don’t like your boss can become a competition with your friends if you hang out with the wrong crowd, one who thrives off of negatives.
Think of them as social conformity and break the habit of buying into everyone else’s stressful thoughts.
The first step to changing anything is becoming aware of habitual thought patterns. By first identifying the consistent patterns, take charge, and become more self-aware, and this will lead you to a feeling of well-being. Try using the opposite phrase when you hear yourself say, “I don’t have enough time.” The opposite is, “I have plenty of time to complete all important tasks.” Or, “I don’t have enough time, for what”? This puts you on the spot and puts a spotlight on how you are probably lumping important with unimportant tasks. As opposed to splitting off what tasks are essential and delegating or splitting the secondary functions to a more suitable time for your schedule. I have an exercise for coaching clients where we can look at our tasks in one place, and it allows you to see how you are labeling things. Some examples of common distractions are irrelevant email, internet usage, self-critical thoughts or interruptions from others.
Yes, this can be daunting at first because it’s a new skill for you a change in behavior. But, if you want to take it up a notch, use the best free meditation app on the market. http://insighttimer.com

Just five minutes of listening to your breath is a good start

Try a few of Davidji’s short and free meditations. If you love them, he has reasonably priced courses available. Meditation settles down the mind and over time (cumulative) you will find yourself more resilient to daily stresses and things that were stressful are no longer triggers.
You’ll build a sense of inner freedom. Freedom from social pressures and control of your thoughts, which leads to control of your destiny.
As you take some time for you during the holidays, think about how to recharge your batteries and update your software. You will thank yourself, and in turn, your loved ones will thank you too.

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